Hey, just wanted to tell you that John Green isn't dead.



yes he is? have some respect for the fucking dead

you tumblr bastards are really somehting. spitting on a dead mans grave not 12 hours after his tragic bad dragon accident

ARE YOU KIDDING. Is john green actually dead. How did he die? Where is this information from?


choked on a chicken tender from what I understand

So how long until you put away all these childish anime and watch some real shows?


real shows like what? western television?

kuroneko was the wORST i HATE D Him.

Akeelah vs. The Bees.

Yo you wrote an amazing post about lumps once and i saw it and i love it. good job bagel-san

I do not remember doing this.

form a tumblr supergroup with me and andrew


maybe when i get time

*dances in front of mirror to goodbye horses, not to reference anything but because goodbye horses is a good song*

Someone give me a terrible but funny j-horror film to watch.